Our Brands

At Primestar we care about the quality of produce we sell and we present our products as brands that are meaningful to the consumer. We have a wide range of free farmed, natural, GMO free and hormone free products that you can share with your customers and serve with confidence in knowing that the product is farmed and processed in an ethically, natural and traditional way 

We like to age our produce and then hand select to order to meet your specialised requirements. This ensures you have consistency when you work with the product at your end and therefore the customer receives a consistent experience  that is backed by our brands. The company also owns the registered PrimeAngus™ and Primestar™ brand logos and trademarks that the product is sold under.

Primestar Food Ltd is a Quality Mark accredited company which means we only stock and supply high quality, traditionally processed aged beef and lamb from similarly Quality Mark accredited processing facilities. This quality program ensures our supply chain is some of New Zealands very best beef and lamb.

The company does NOT support factory farming, genetically modified foods or feed for animals, added hormones or any type of added preservatives or artifical colours. We believe that all food should be kept in its pristine natural form and ensuring we maintain the most natural product possible.

The company has very accurate invoicing and food safety temperature recording documentation. Although the majority of our orders are delivered same day, some fresh produce may take a day or two to deliver to ensure the freshest product is supplied. The company can deliver most products on the same day to Wellington CBD. Deliveries times and days are dependent by region, please enquire as to our delivery to your region.

Primestar Foods Ltd stocks and distributes a wide range of wholesale premium aged Meats to the hospitality industry.

In-house by PrimeStar now available for home delivery.