Pork Leg bone in

From the hind quarter, The leg is Medium-tender, lean meat. The whole leg is made up of 4 main muscles: silverside, Topside, Rump, Thick flank Is best roasted, 8-9kg, 2 per ctn

  • Pork Barn RaisedPork Barn Raised / PigCare accredited farms 100% NZ Pork
  • 100% NZ Pork
Pork Pork leg
  • Pork Barn Raised
    Pork Barn Raised
    Pork Barn Raised
    All Pigs are farmed using a PigCare accreditation management process. The Pork is predominantly locally processed and supplied aged and fresh. This is supplied under the "100% New Zealand Pork" Logo.
In-house by PrimeStar now available for home delivery.