Pork Rump

Boneless, lean, with no exterior fat cover on outside. Sometimes slow roasted, as the whole primal (around 1.5 to 2.5kg). Very easy to carve cut across the grain and produces excellent portion slices. 10kg ctn

  • Pork Barn RaisedPork Barn Raised / PigCare accredited farms 100% NZ Pork
  • 100% NZ Pork
Pork Pork rump
  • Pork Barn Raised
    Pork Barn Raised
    Pork Barn Raised
    All Pigs are farmed using a PigCare accreditation management process. The Pork is predominantly locally processed and supplied aged and fresh. This is supplied under the "100% New Zealand Pork" Logo.
In-house by PrimeStar now available for home delivery.