Rump Beef Whole

Rump the 4th most tender cut and is one of the tastiest, full of flavour, cuts of beef. Recommended cooked medium rare. Weighing 5-7kg

  • PrimeStar® BeefPrimeStar Beef / Premium Aged Grassfed beef
  • Grassfed
  • Wakanui Grain Finished BeefWakanui Grain finished Beef / Grass fed and grain finished premium high quality beef
  • Grassfed and grain finished
  • PrimeAngus ® BeefPrime Angus ® Beef / Premium Aged Grassfed Angus beef
  • Grassfed Angus breed
Beef Rump
  • PrimeStar® Beef
    PrimeStar Beef
    PrimeStar® Beef
    Grass fed and traditionally processed cold boned Bos Taurus beef, aged & "Quality Mark" accredited
  • Wakanui Grain Finished Beef
    Wakanui Grain finished Beef
    Wakanui Grain Finished Beef
    Free range, grassfed for 18 months, hand selected and grain finished for 70 -90 days near the small town of Wakanui in Canterbury
  • PrimeAngus ® Beef
    Prime Angus ® Beef
    PrimeAngus ® Beef
    Grass fed and traditionally processed cold boned Aberdeen Angus beef breed, aged & "Quality Mark" accredited
In-house by PrimeStar now available for home delivery.