Wakanui Grain Finished Beef

Wakanui beef is free range farmed in New Zealand and hand selected from the very best of British beef breeds such as Hereford and Aberdeen Angus. Raised and farmed in a stress free environment and then finished on GMO free grain. It is regarded by some as New Zealand's most tender and succulent beef.

Free range farmed, grassfed for 18 months, hand selected and grain finished for 70 -90 days, the finishing of Wakanui is what gives the beef the tender suculence and unique flavour that we enjoy.

Wakanui Beef  is produced from only the very best quality of beef cattle. No dairy animals are used. There are NO growth hormones permitted. Wakanui beef is also GMO free, and proudly farmed in New Zealand.

In-house by PrimeStar now available for home delivery.