Free Farmed Pork

We believe that everyone who eats meat has a responsibility to ensure they know how the animals have been farmed and to be sure they are good with that.

We reckon piggies should always be in an environment that allows them to display their natural behaviour. The more natural the environment the happier the piggy and the healthier the piggy.

And there’s another real good part… the happier the piggy the better the pork.

On a Free Farm Pork all the sows live in open fields and have their own straw lined shelter. Sows gives birth in this shelter and her piglets stay with her in this field until they are weaned.

The piglets are then raised in our deep straw shelters or sometimes in an open field (and sometimes a bit of both).

That’s it… no exceptions.
And that’s why we say… NO sow crates, NO farrowing crates and NO concrete fattening pens.

In-house by PrimeStar now available for home delivery.